Our Team

Jim Smeeding RpH, MBA, Co-Founder and President

Mr. Smeeding is a founder of the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies at the University of Texas College Of Pharmacy. His research interests are in applied pharmacoeconomics, systems integration and managed care. Mr. Smeeding served as the executive director of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). He left that position to focus on the discovery work and management of Indication Biosciences. Over the past 43 years his practice orientation has been in hospital pharmacy, clinical services design, home infusion therapy, managed care services, disease management and specialty pharmacy. He is a skilled corporate pharmaceutical executive having developed and led five successful companies through initial funding to sale. Mr. Smeeding is a consultant to clients in a broad spectrum of pharmacy affairs, as well as pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Mr. Smeeding graduated with a pharmacy degree from the University of Buffalo and earned his MBA degree at the University of Texas. 

  • Former executive Director of National Association of Specialty Pharmacies (NASP)
  • Founder and 3rd President of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes
  • Past President of the Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Holds patents on the use of digital technology in prescription adjudication
  • Has Authored over 50 articles in health value assessment topics and on the use of Cannabinoid Based

Mathew Sherwood, Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Sherwood has over twenty years of experience in healthcare, both in private practice and as a consultant. Mathew received his board certification as an optician from the American Board of Opticianry in 1998 and worked as an optician as well as a consultant in both practice management and optical laboratory solutions. As an optician, Mathew developed solutions for ophthalmic lens manufacturing and high-performance prescription applications. For most of the last decade Mathew has turned his focus to pharmacy and medical cannabinoid solutions, developing a variety of cannabis-based medicines and has a deep understanding of the potential of cannabis products through his registration as a cannabis caregiver in Colorado. During his time as a caregiver, he donated his time to help dozens of people find therapeutic cannabis solutions, and learned a great deal about the limiting factors of plant- derived cannabis pharmaceuticals. Mathew specialized in extraction technologies, development of novel cannabinoid formulations, design and manufacturing of delivery systems, and the regulatory climate. Mathew served as VP of Product Development for an early-stage drug company, and also worked as a consultant in specialty pharmacy helping to establish the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, serving as Industry Liaison.

• Former Officer and Director for a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company with a valuation over $50 million

• Consulted successfully with cannabinoid therapies for patients in various disease states.

• Frequent guest speaker and cannabinoid expert for pharmaceutical conferences. 


Graham Pechenik, Chief Counsel-Intellectual Property

Mr. Pechenik is a registered patent attorney with over a decade of experience obtaining, defending, and challenging some of the country’s most valuable and highest profile patents. Mr. Pechenik has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies on their patent matters, across the agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and technology industries. His clients have included Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi- Aventis, Wyeth, DuPont, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Motorola, and Google. After working in the patent departments of the international law firms Kaye Scholer in New York and Quinn Emanuel in San Francisco, Mr. Pechenik founded Calyx Law, the first patent law boutique in California to focus on the cannabis industry. There, Mr. Pechenik works closely with cannabis businesses to design and implement their patent strategy. Mr. Pechenik graduated from New York University School of Law, and holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of California, San Diego, with majors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and Cognitive Neuroscience.